1 Days 0 Nights A Day in the Life of a Local Artisan from USD 103


Get an authentic taste of rural village life in Rwanda during this flexible-length, small-group experience visiting with a local family. Get a chance to participate in daily chores like hoeing the fields or planting crops, then take a break for a lunch of local Rwandan fare and have time chat with your hosts. Finish your day with a weaving lesson and a chance to purchase local handicrafts made by your family. This small-group experience, limited to six guests, also covers a guide, lunch and transport to the village.



  • Start your day with a traditional Rwandan breakfast at a local cafe, savoring dishes like urwagwa (fermented banana beer) or akabenz (sweet potato pancakes).
  • Meet your local artisan guide who will accompany you throughout the day, providing insights into Rwandan craftsmanship and culture.

Artisan Workshop Visit:

  • Visit a local artisan workshop, where you'll have the opportunity to observe skilled artisans at work. Depending on the artisan's specialization, you might witness pottery-making, weaving, basketry, or wood carving.
  • Engage with the artisans, learning about their techniques, materials, and the cultural significance of their craft. Feel free to ask questions and even try your hand at the craft under their guidance.

Market Exploration:

  • Explore a bustling local market, accompanied by your guide. Discover vibrant displays of colorful textiles, handcrafted jewelry, pottery, and other artisanal products.
  • Interact with local vendors and artisans selling their wares, bargaining for unique souvenirs to take home as mementos of your experience.

Lunch with Local Artisans:

  • Enjoy a delicious lunch prepared by local artisans, featuring traditional Rwandan dishes made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. This is an opportunity to savor authentic Rwandan flavors while sharing stories and experiences with the artisans.


  • Participate in a hands-on artisan workshop led by local experts. Choose from activities such as basket weaving, pottery painting, or traditional drumming lessons.
  • Immerse yourself in the creative process, gaining a deeper appreciation for the craftsmanship and skill required to produce these works of art.

Cultural Exchange:

  • Engage in cultural exchange activities with local artisans, such as storytelling sessions, traditional dance performances, or a visit to a nearby village.
  • Learn about Rwandan customs, traditions, and daily life firsthand from the artisans, gaining insight into the rich cultural heritage of the country.


  • Conclude your day with a sunset stroll through a local neighborhood or along the shores of Lake Kivu, reflecting on your experiences.
  • Enjoy a farewell dinner featuring Rwandan specialties at a local restaurant, accompanied by live music or traditional entertainment.


  • If you're interested in supporting local artisans further, you can purchase handmade crafts directly from the workshops or markets you visited, knowing that your contribution helps sustain these valuable traditions.


  • 1. Gratuities
  • 2. Bottled water
  • 3. Lunch
  • 4. Local guide
  • 5. Tour host
  • 6. Return transport from Muhanga Town to Village
  • 7. Entry/Admission - Azizi Life Experiences

  • Exclusions

  • 1. Transportation from Kigali (but this can be aranged on request for an additional charge)
  • 2. Items at the gift shop

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