1 Days 0 Nights Imigongo (cow dung art) Experience from USD 104


Years ago in the time of the Rwandan Kings, there once was a prince who decided to decorate his house by molding geometric shapes onto the wall of his hut using cow dung.  In time, this technique was developed into a popular form of traditional Rwandan art called “Imigongo.”  During your Experience, you will learn the history and technique of Imigongo art and then make your own piece to take away with you.


Introduction to Imigongo Art:

  • Welcome and Introduction: Begin your journey into the world of Imigongo art with a warm welcome from your local guide. Gather in a cozy setting where you'll learn about the rich history and cultural significance of this traditional Rwandan art form.

  • Story of Imigongo: Delve into the captivating tale of how Imigongo art originated centuries ago, tracing its roots back to the creative endeavors of a Rwandan prince who adorned his home with intricate geometric designs using cow dung. Discover how this ancient technique evolved over time to become a cherished form of artistic expression in Rwandan culture.

Imigongo Art Workshop:

  • Technique Demonstration: Watch as skilled artisans demonstrate the intricate technique of creating Imigongo art. Learn about the materials used, including cow dung, natural pigments, and wooden boards, as well as the process of molding and painting geometric patterns.

  • Hands-on Experience: Roll up your sleeves and immerse yourself in the world of Imigongo art with a hands-on workshop led by experienced instructors. Follow step-by-step guidance as you mold and paint your own piece of Imigongo art, incorporating traditional geometric designs or adding your own creative flair.

Reflection and Conclusion:

  • Personalized Artwork: After completing your Imigongo masterpiece, take a moment to admire your handiwork and reflect on the artistic journey you've embarked upon. Your artwork serves as a tangible reminder of your cultural experience and creative expression.

  • Farewell and Souvenir: Bid farewell to your hosts and fellow participants, taking with you not only your unique piece of Imigongo art but also cherished memories of your time spent exploring Rwanda's vibrant artistic heritage.


  • Guided Experience: Knowledgeable local guide to provide insights into the history and technique of Imigongo art.
  • Art Supplies: All materials needed for the Imigongo art workshop, including cow dung, natural pigments, and wooden boards.
  • Personalized Imigongo Artwork: Your own handcrafted piece of Imigongo art to take home as a souvenir of your cultural immersion in Rwanda's traditional artistry.


  • 1. Gratuities
  • 2. Bottled water
  • 3. Lunch
  • 4. Local guide
  • 5. Tour host

  • Exclusions

  • 1. Transportation from Kigali (but this can be aranged on request for an additional charge)
  • 2. Items at the gift shop

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