21 Days 20 Nights Red Rocks Volunteerism Projects from USD 2,011


Our voluntourism projects allow you to enjoy the sights and sounds of Rwanda while at the same time making a difference to the host community. This is an excellent way to get the most out of your holiday in Rwanda, and spend some time with us making a difference to the hosts and the environment. There are so many remarkable, charitable projects that Red Rocks initiatives are involved in, both conservation and community led which our clients can visit and be a part of – from clinics, to schools, to hospitals, to self-improvement, to conservation projects. When you travel and give your skills and your time it makes us feel better, not only about ourselves, but also about the potential difference that you are making in the world. It makes us feel part of something bigger than just us … alive. Become a part of ongoing efforts to support sustainable development while exploring Rwanda and its culture.


Our volunteer position in the community will take you to meet understand and discuss with local entrepreneurs projects the work we do with village people and again enable you identify potential ways of engaging these projects and the initiative in practical ways to really learn and understand the issues faced and how we can make an impact. . Red Rocks initiative working with Red rocks campsite offers you an opportunity to Travel With Purpose giving you a way of spending more time visiting community based projects that focus on philanthropy work and conservation . Red Rocks Initiative is supporting initiatives designed to unlock the flow of domestic and private sector capital to invest in community and service projects needed to accelerate local economic development and private sector development . Duties and Responsibilities Program Development & Communications Manager


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