1 Days 0 Nights Traditional Rwandan Cooking Day from USD 31


Get a taste for the authentic cuisine of Rwanda during this 7-hour investigation of the country’s food system and a cooking lesson. Start your day in the farm fields of a rural village, learning about the planting and harvesting of your host’s principal crops. Then try your hand at food preparation, partnering with your host to peel, wash, grind and pound your ingredients using local tools. You’ll finish up with a lunch consisting of your morning’s hard-earned labor, along with a chance for lively conversation with your host. Your Rwandan cooking experience also covers a guide, lunch and round-trip transport to the village.



  • Departure from Kigali: Your culinary adventure begins with a departure from Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda, accompanied by your local guide.

  • Journey to the Rural Village: Enjoy a scenic drive through the Rwandan countryside as you make your way to a rural village where you'll explore the country's food system and participate in a cooking lesson.

Farm Field Exploration:

  • Introduction to Farming: Arrive at the village and meet your host, who will guide you through the farm fields and introduce you to the principal crops grown in the area. Learn about the planting and harvesting processes, gaining insight into Rwanda's agricultural practices.

  • Hands-on Farming Activities: Roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty as you participate in farming activities alongside your host. From planting seeds to harvesting crops, experience firsthand the labor and dedication required to cultivate food in Rwanda.

Cooking Lesson:

  • Food Preparation: Return to your host's home and begin your cooking lesson. Work together with your host to peel, wash, grind, and pound the fresh ingredients using local tools and traditional methods.

  • Lunch Preparation: As you prepare the ingredients, engage in lively conversation with your host, learning about Rwandan culinary traditions, family recipes, and cultural customs surrounding food.


  • Lunchtime: Sit down to enjoy a delicious lunch consisting of the dishes you helped prepare earlier in the day. Taste the fruits of your labor as you savor the flavors of authentic Rwandan cuisine, accompanied by lively conversation and storytelling with your host.

  • Reflection and Cultural Exchange: Take some time to reflect on your culinary experience and the insights gained into Rwanda's food system and culture. Share stories, ask questions, and deepen your understanding of Rwandan life and traditions through meaningful interaction with your host.


  • Return Journey: Bid farewell to your host and the village community as you depart for Kigali, cherishing the memories of your immersive culinary experience in rural Rwanda.


  • 1. Gratuities
  • 2. Local taxes
  • 3. Bottled water
  • 4. Lunch
  • 5. Local guide
  • 6. Transport from Muhanga (Gitarama) town out to the village and back
  • 7. Entry/Admission - Azizi Life Experiences

  • Exclusions

  • 1. Transportation to/from Muahanga (Gitarama) Town - this can be arranged for an additional charge.

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