2 Days 1 Nights Embark on a Serene Twin Lake Experience Rwanda: 2-Day Tour Package from USD 1,039


Nestled amid Rwanda's breathtaking landscapes lies a hidden gem that beckons adventurers seeking solace and connection with nature - the Twin Lake Experience. This captivating journey spans two days, leading you to the tranquil embrace of Lake Burera and Lake Ruhondo. Beyond the surface, this tour weaves a story of discovery, culture, and the profound beauty that only Rwanda can offer.

Day 1: Lake Burera - A Journey of Connection

As the sun peeks over the horizon, you set out from Kigali, embarking on a scenic drive that takes you far from the bustling city. Your destination: Lake Burera, a body of water that cradles the heart of Rwanda's natural splendor. Arriving at the lake's edge, you're greeted by a sense of calm that permeates the air. The soft lapping of water against the shore serenades your senses, inviting you to explore.

Embarking on a kayak, you glide across the serene waters of Lake Burera. The surrounding hills and Virunga Mountains frame your journey, creating a backdrop that feels straight out of a painting. With every paddle stroke, you forge a connection with the elements, an intimacy with nature that few experiences can match.

Over lunch, a lakeside picnic becomes a moment of communion with the land. The flavors of local cuisine mingle with the gentle breeze, offering a taste of Rwanda's culinary heritage. But the journey doesn't stop at nature's beauty; it extends to the heart of local life. A guided hike to a nearby village reveals the warm smiles and open hearts of Rwandans. Here, you engage with traditions, stories, and a way of life that transcends borders.

As the sun descends, Lake Burera mirrors the sky's palette of hues, transforming into a canvas of reflection. This moment of stillness becomes a meditation on the day's encounters - with nature, with culture, and with the beauty of Rwanda's spirit.

Day 2: Lake Ruhondo - Reflections and Rejuvenation

As dawn breaks, you rise to witness Lake Burera's sunrise. The water shimmers in the early light, offering a moment of quiet introspection before the day begins. Breakfast by the lake provides sustenance, energizing you for the next chapter of the journey.

A boat ride takes you to Lake Ruhondo, Lake Burera's twin, mirroring its charm and tranquility. Drifting across the water's surface, you're transported to a realm where time seems to stand still. The undisturbed beauty of the landscape becomes a mirror for your thoughts, inviting contemplation and connection.

The journey continues with a hike to a panoramic viewpoint, revealing the grandeur of the twin lakes against the majestic backdrop of the Virunga Mountains. Here, you find yourself at the intersection of awe and gratitude, a place where words fall short of capturing the emotions stirred within.

As you bid farewell to the twin lakes and return to Kigali, you carry more than memories. You carry the feeling of connection - with nature, with Rwanda's history, and with the genuine warmth of its people. The Twin Lake Experience is a journey that transcends sightseeing; it's an odyssey of the soul, a story of immersion, and an invitation to find yourself in the embrace of Rwanda's serene beauty.


🌄 Day 1: Exploring Lake Burera

Morning: 🚗 Depart from Kigali: Your adventure begins with a scenic drive from Kigali to Lake Burera, nestled amid Rwanda's picturesque landscape.

🚣‍♀️ Kayaking on Lake Burera: Glide across the tranquil waters, surrounded by rolling hills and the Virunga Mountains. Connect with nature as you paddle along the shorelines, capturing breathtaking views.

Lunch: 🍽️ Lakeside Picnic: Recharge with a delectable lakeside picnic, savoring local flavors as you soak in the serene atmosphere.

Afternoon: 🏞️ Guided Hike to Village: Embark on a guided hike to a nearby village, immersing in local life and culture. Engage with friendly villagers and learn about their traditions.

🌅 Sunset Reflections: Return to Lake Burera for a mesmerizing sunset. Reflect upon the day's experiences as the sky transforms into a canvas of vibrant colors.

🏨 Overnight Stay: Enjoy a cozy night's rest at a lakeside lodge, embracing the tranquil ambiance.


  • Pack comfortable clothing, suitable for both kayaking and hiking.
  • Don't forget sunscreen, a hat, and insect repellent for outdoor activities.
  • Stay hydrated throughout the day, carrying a reusable water bottle.
  • Engage with locals respectfully to learn about their customs and lifestyles.

🌅 Day 2: Lake Ruhondo's Charms

Morning: ☀️ Sunrise Reflections: Wake up early to witness the sunrise over Lake Burera, capturing stunning reflections on the calm waters.

🍳 Breakfast by the Lake: Enjoy a wholesome lakeside breakfast, preparing for another day of exploration.

🚤 Boat Ride to Lake Ruhondo: Embark on a serene boat ride to Lake Ruhondo, its beauty mirrored by Lake Burera. Revel in the tranquility and the mirror-like reflection of the surrounding landscape.

Lunch: 🍲 Local Cuisine Experience: Delight in a local lunch, savoring dishes prepared with fresh ingredients and traditional recipes.

Afternoon: 🌄 Panoramic Views: Hike to a viewpoint that unveils panoramic vistas of both lakes against the backdrop of the Virunga Mountains. Capture the breathtaking scenery in photographs.

🚗 Return to Kigali: Depart from Lake Burera, carrying with you memories of the serene twin lake experience.

🌟 Book Your Twin Lake Retreat

Immerse in nature's splendor, engage with local communities, and rejuvenate your spirit on this 2-day journey. The Twin Lake Experience is not just a tour; it's an opportunity to connect with Rwanda's serene beauty. Secure your spot for an unforgettable escape. #TwinLakeRetreat #RwandaExploration


  • 1. Accommodation in well-selected lodges and hotels.
  • 2. Boat Ride
  • 3. Professional Tour Guide
  • 4. Kayaking on Lake Burera
  • 5. Meals ( Lunch ) and Bottled Water
  • 6. Private transportation , Driver and Fuel
  • 7. Lake Bure & Lake Ruhondo

  • Exclusions

  • 1. Visa Fees
  • 2. International flights to and from Rwanda.
  • 3. Personal Shopping
  • 4. Laundry Services available at a fee

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