1 Days 0 Nights Experience Traditional Construction from USD 104


Learn about traditional Rwandan building techniques and experience rural village life during this flexible-length excursion with a local family. Discover the traditional methods used by Rwandans for brick making and fashioning rope from banana trees. After enjoying a simple but delicious lunch of cassava and beans you’ll spend the afternoon applying your new skills to build an animal shelter, fence or house. Finish your trip with a chance to shop for locally-made handicrafts. This chance to learn about Rwandan construction also covers a guide, lunch and transport to the village.




  • Departure from Kigali: Begin your day with a departure from Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda, accompanied by your local guide.

  • Journey to the Village: Enjoy a scenic drive through the Rwandan countryside as you make your way to the rural village where you'll experience traditional building techniques and village life.

Rural Village Experience:

  • Warm Welcome: Upon arrival at the village, you'll be warmly welcomed by a local family who will be your hosts for the day. Take the opportunity to meet and interact with members of the community, learning about their way of life and cultural traditions.

  • Brick Making Demonstration: Start your immersive experience by learning about traditional Rwandan brick making techniques. Watch as skilled artisans demonstrate the process of molding clay into bricks and drying them under the sun.

  • Banana Rope Making: Discover the art of fashioning rope from banana trees, a skill passed down through generations in Rwandan communities. Participate in hands-on activities to learn how to twist and weave banana fibers into strong and durable ropes.


  • Simple and Delicious Lunch: Take a break from your activities and enjoy a simple yet delicious lunch prepared by your hosts. Taste traditional Rwandan dishes such as cassava and beans, made with fresh ingredients sourced from the local area.


  • Hands-on Building Experience: Put your newfound skills to the test as you participate in building an animal shelter, fence, or house alongside members of the community. Work together with locals, learning traditional construction techniques and methods used in Rwandan architecture.

  • Guided Assistance: Receive guidance and instruction from experienced builders and community members as you contribute to the construction project. Gain insight into the importance of teamwork and community cooperation in rural Rwanda.


  • 1. Gratuities
  • 2. Local taxes
  • 3. Bottled water
  • 4. Lunch
  • 5. All activities
  • 6. Local guide
  • 7. Transport from Muhanga (Gitarama) Town to the Village
  • 8. Entry/Admission - Azizi Life Experiences

  • Exclusions

  • 1. Transportation to/from Kigali, however, this can be arranged for an additional charge

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