1 Days 0 Nights Authentic Village Tour from USD 69


Experience Rwandan culture on this intimate tour, where you’ll be invited into the homes and life of local people. Visit a traditional Rwandan village and discover how the local people live, as they welcome you into their lives. Join in their daily activities such as wood carving, weaving, digging, construction, cooking and more.


  • Departure from Your Location: Your immersive cultural journey begins with a departure from your location, where you'll be transported to a traditional Rwandan village.


  • Arrival at the Village: Upon arrival, you'll be warmly welcomed by the local community members, who will serve as your hosts for the day. Embrace the hospitality and warmth of Rwandan culture as you begin your exploration of village life.

  • Introduction to Daily Activities: Your hosts will provide an overview of the various daily activities that you'll have the opportunity to participate in. From wood carving to weaving, digging, construction, cooking, and more, you'll get a firsthand experience of the diverse skills and traditions practiced by the local people.

Engagement in Daily Activities:

  • Wood Carving: Join local artisans in their wood carving workshop, where you'll learn about the traditional techniques used to create intricate carvings and sculptures. Try your hand at carving under the guidance of skilled craftsmen and craftswomen.

  • Weaving: Sit down with local weavers and discover the art of traditional Rwandan weaving. Learn about the significance of different weaving patterns and materials, and contribute to the creation of a communal weaving project.

  • Digging and Agriculture: Get your hands dirty as you join farmers in the fields, participating in activities such as digging, planting, or harvesting crops. Learn about the importance of agriculture in Rwandan society and the sustainable farming practices employed by local farmers.


  • Cooking Experience: Take a break from your activities and join local chefs in preparing a traditional Rwandan meal. Learn about the ingredients used in Rwandan cuisine and the culinary techniques passed down through generations. Enjoy the fruits of your labor as you sit down to a delicious lunch with your hosts.


  • Construction and Building: Contribute to a community construction project, whether it's building a new structure, repairing homes, or working on infrastructure improvements. Experience the spirit of collaboration and teamwork as you work alongside local builders and craftsmen.

  • Cultural Exchange: Throughout the day, engage in meaningful conversations with your hosts, learning about their lives, traditions, and cultural heritage. Share stories, ask questions, and deepen your understanding of Rwandan culture through personal connections and firsthand experiences.


  • 1. Bottled water

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  • 1. Private transportation

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